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Beautiful, elegant, feminine, seductive... The creative thinking atmosphere of Italian designer Valentino

The white wedding dress has a new competitor: the red wedding dress

Move aside virginal white, red has stepped in to steal the show! Red wedding dress is the latest rage all over the globe. Brides are lapping up red wedding gowns feverishly. There is something about the color that is so irresistible.

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For all you ladies in red... Let's face it. Just the thought of getting married in a RED wedding dress is a travesty that could make most women, well... see red. Western brides-to-be traditionally consider weddings and all the accoutrements to be symbolic of a woman's purity, innocence, and virginity and that a flagrant intrusion of such a passionate and violent color is usually considered in poor taste - if not taboo.

Think outside the box. Go try on a colorful wedding dress.

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