The Beauty of Fashion Freedom

Modern western brides adding a touch of purple color In today’s world of wedding planning the western bride have advantages like no other time in history. The freedom to deviate from tradition is no longer a decision that casts a shadow on her socia… more »

Who says a wedding dress has to be white?

by Karen Vander Other color wedding dresses are also an option. White is no longer the only possible color for the wedding dress. Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa wedding dress Obviously, most woman choose a white wedding dress. However, wedding dre… more »

Coloful wedding dresses: Destination wedding dresses

by Jessica Lang Photo source: Angel’s Closet Occassions Here are some gorgeous wedding dresses that you can pack up and take it anywhere around the world. Finding that perfect wedding dress is not an easy task. Destination wedding dresses are mo… more »

A Memorable Cantonese Chinese wedding

by Karen Vander I had another opportunity to attend a Chinese wedding this weekend in Manhattan. I was told this was a Cantonese style wedding. Last weekend I attended a Fujianese wedding. To an outsider, which I am probably classified as, both weddi… more »

The ultimate chocolate Lindor dress

by Karen Vander The famous Lindor Dress from last year What’s that on the above picture? Is it ruffles in her dress? Take a look closer and see if you can find what makes this dress deliciously sweet and charming (might want to add sexy too!).… more »

Vivienne Westwood’s Bridal Couture for Sex and The City

by Karen Vander Vivienne Westwood’s dress When one thinks of couture, your mind doesn’t really go to wedding gowns. In fact, I’m quite sure it doesn’t even go the bridal direction. Haute Couture as many would think would be referring to extrem… more »

Wonderful colors in destination wedding dresses

Raylia Wedding Dress “Narlena” W7406HC Raylia Designs Bridal and Wedding Dresses and Gowns, offer a very rich set of features, including eye-catching designs that will be sure to please on the wedding day. Jovani Evening Dress… more »

Coloful wedding dresses

Its been a while since we did a colorful wedding dress story showing various wedding dresses in different colors that we love. A black wedding dress from Emeral Bridal A black beauty by Emerald Bridal. Pink wedding dress from Emerald Bridal Pink wed… more »

Be a Disney princess on your wedding day

Most brides dream of having a fairy tale wedding and dressing up like a princess. Now you can draw inspiration from the different Walt Disney princesses and create your own fairy tale wedding, one that you will remember and other guests will talk about… more »

Black wedding dresses

by Karen Vander A black wedding dress beauty Black creates a slimming effect and what girl would not want to look better on their wedding day. Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black wedding dress? She did when she married in 1997 to Mathew… more »

Lovely Pink Wedding Dresses

May take up to 1 minute for video to start playing depending on your connection speed. Quicktime player required. xt/javascript" src="… more »

Our Indian Wedding

“We met in an oasis in Marrakesh. Two years later we were married in the heart of Delhi, India. No need to say more. The photos share the story” -A couple wedding in India, Endless Sunshine & JC (Photo source: flickr) A Slovakian born… more »

A sash can make all the difference to your wedding dress

by Jessica Lang Add a fresh look to your gown featuring a beautiful color embroidery or trim. Modern gowns today are being embellished with a colorful sash or a corsage-size floral accent. This adds femininity and emphasizes to a bride’s figu… more »

The White Wedding Dress

by Jessica Lang Technically, no, you do not need to wear a white wedding dress. As you can see on, there are many colorful options. Brides can see many purple wedding dresses to blue wedding dresses to pink wedding dresses to black… more »

Blast to the past - vintage wedding dresses

by Jessica Lang Adorable, authentic vintage gowns for brides of all ages. If wearing vintage styles appeals to you, shop around for a vintage bridal shop online. They are far and few in locations. Vintage Vogue Special Design Dress It not until… more »

Pink Wedding Dress Designers

Watters Brides (photo by Heidi Niemala) Brides magazine teamed up with the top fashion industry’s most recognized and renowned designers to promote their pink wedding dresses with proceeds to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).… more »

Where to shop for a red wedding dress or any colorful wedding dress?

by Jessica Lang The entourage usually wears the color motif chosen by the bride, and bridesmaids have often worn dresses in the wedding’s color. However, it can be quite taxing to go to different shops to look for red dresses for the entourage. A brid… more »

A chinese wedding color tradition

by Karen Vander For Chinese brides, red is the traditional color and not white. This red wedding color applies to also many other east Asian cultures. Red is central to the wedding theme of China. From invitations, wedding favors, and to wedding dre… more »

An eco-friendly wedding perhaps?

By Karen Vander Who would’ve thought that there was such thing as eco-friendly wedding? If it was years ago, there might be none. But today, when people start to worry about natural resources being used to manufacture common necessities, they would rat… more »

Past and present Maggie Sottero dresses

Maggie Sottero features many coloured gowns in her collection. Maggie Sottero is not afraid to take a leap away from traditional dresses with glamorous scarlett red gown. The dresses are mid-priced. If you really, really want one, you can pull it off… more »

Colorful purple wedding dresses

Color yourself beautiful in unique wedding dresses. Every bride wants a very unique dress. White is too common. Throwing in accents of colors is not separating yourself enough. How about all purple wedding dresses? Shocked? Take a look at these b… more »

A lovely fashionable pink wedding dress from Maggie

We love red wedding dresses here. We love colorful wedding dresses. We love unique wedding dresses. We like white wedding dresses and they are common enough you will see at any bridal magazines and websites. Not here, we focus on the colorful side.… more »

Dramatic Wedding Culture Between Neighbors

Viva India! Meanwhile, if you prefer the exotic fashion highlights provided by one of the world’s oldest civilizations, then you better check out what India has to offer. Photo courtesy of · Sari Probably the most popular traditional… more »

Colorful wedding dresses - Blue styles

Blue might not be a color that you’d normally associate with wedding dresses, but it’s been increasing in popularity in the last few years. At, we love red wedding dress but we also love many other colors too. Blue wedding… more »

Mix-and-Match Summer Colors with Red Wedding Gowns

Photographer: Denny Sytangco If you’re planning a summer wedding and you’re having troubles choosing a theme that could complement your red wedding gown, you’re not alone. Since the summer heat calls for cool colors, red wedding gowns could look off i… more »

Colorful wedding dresses - Belgian styles

Trendy modern city chic Sunflower brides All the photos above are a courtesy of designer Oni Onik ( Belgium has a vast selection of wedding dress styles. Open up your eye and see what is going on in the… more »

Colorful wedding dresses - Desi styles

Indian designer Suneet Varma - antique timeless look! Photo courtesy of Karma Red Wedding Couture - Red Mahonia - Red nude crepe silk top having heavy embellishments and scalloped work on hemline, neckline and sleeves. Small… more »

Modern colorful trends - Wedding in colors

Teal Wedding, Photo Source: Alfred Angelo Sweet Peach Wedding Pink Sorbet Wedding Expresso Wedding Red Wedding - My favorite! -Karen Vander, more »

Wedding dress color trends

Allure Bridals Style 8526 Allure Style 8368 in red hot ruby color Sottero and Midgley One-piece, strapless, Shimmer Satin gown with corset closure. The bodice is lavishly embellished with beaded lace and features a pleated bust and dropped waistline.… more »

Colorful wedding dress trends - The resurgence of couture and colored wedding dresses

Photo source: Ask an economist what 2008 holds for the American high rollers and you will hear predictions of market slowdown, credit crunch and the gathering storm clouds of recession. It will certainly be a tough year for many.… more »

Trendy red dresses - The Red Dress Collection

Photo from The Heart Truth Photo from The Heart Truth The Red Dress Collection 2008 Fashion Show is presented by Diet Coke with national sponsors Johnson & Johnson and Swarovski and make-up partner Bobbi Brown Cosmetics February is American Heart… more »

Colorful wedding dress trends

Shalom Harlow - Friendly earth green wedding dress Linda - Beautiful red wedding dress Amber Valetta - Fantasy pale to sky blue wedding dress Karen Mulder - Wicked sexy black wedding dress -Karen Vander, more »

Lunar New Year wedding color trends

Red, symbolic of joy in Asian culture, featured prominently in the clothing and other ritual objects pertaining to the wedding. -Karen Vander, Married in red, set yourself apart. more »

Color wedding dress trends - Paper wedding dress

Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of… more »

Beautiful colorful wedding dress trends

Tomy Mariage Collection Designer Wedding Dresses by Femme Couture Pretty purple wedding dress Tomy Mariage Bridal Collection Have you decided on the color of your red hot evening gown? Wedding dresses now are saturated with many color o… more »

Colorful wedding dress trends

I love red wedding dresses. I also love other colored wedding dresses. In 2008, I am seeing a lot more use of colors on the wedding dress then ever before. Here are some lovely Demetrios wedding dresses that I thought were lovely. Demetrios dresse… more »