Surprising Wedding Trends

Hello 2014! What's the chic look in wedding dresses this year? And which cake flavors are in demand? Here, the delicious details. The cake style that dominates right now is clean and modern with colorful designs. Red bridal gowns continue to be the hi… more »

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting Sweet 2014 Wedding

We just can’t get enough of red wedding dresses. (And based on popularity of RedHotBrides, neither can you!) The spring 2014 bridal-market runway shows brought a fresh crop of gown inspiration, with loads of chic silhouettes, breathtaking fabrics (blush… more »

Wedding Dresses are an expression of culture

White is the preferred color in western culture. In Eastern culture, a wedding dress is red. For example, Most Hindu brides wear red because it signifies fertility and prosperity. It's a traditional color for them. Green is the color of fertility and… more »

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2013

“Beautiful dream. The symbolism of Red. Boldly romantic, charming, protective, grand, seductive, sexy. From dahlia to scarlet, crimson and vermilion. A celebration of love. ” said Vera Wang. “Mei Meng” in Chinese. more »

Are You Looking For A Modern Wedding Dress?

Geometrical red wedding dress by Stephane Rolland. Not all wedding dresses are cookie cutter white dresses anymore, especially if you go for the red looking ones! Adding color to your dress is way to make it standout. And go beyond a little colored em… more »

The Matching Groom

Every bride wants her special day to be one breathtaking moment after another. Of course the most important moment is the one when she steps into the view of her groom and presents herself for his adoration and excitement. What a wonderful way to ease a… more »

Five Traditional Colors of Wedding Dresses

The five traditional colors of China - black, red, blue, green, yellow Every color of the rainbow is now at the bride’s disposal for choosing a wedding dress that matches perfectly to her coloring, personality and wedding theme. Not to mention the fac… more »

2011 Modern Sassy Wedding Dresses

Maria Karin Couture 2011 Wedding Dress Collection Some women still prefer taking a traditional route when it comes to planning their wedding. In that case a white dress seems to be a part of the planning that gets very little consideration becau… more »

The Next Generation Bride

HOLIDAY BARBIE 2010 - New Christmas Barbie Doll A white wedding dress was once the only choice a bride could make. That is if she wanted to remain a respected part of many social circles. Well, things have changed and the western bride enjoys a whol… more »

Wedding Day - Expressing Love

by Karen Vander Mori Lee Red Wedding Dress The excitement of preparing for that special wedding day can be just as awesome as falling in love. There’s so much fun in deciding on everything from who will give away the bride, who will be the maid… more »

Would you give a knife as a wedding gift?

Knives and scissors as a wedding gift? Many cultures believe by giving a sharp object as a gift, you want to sever the relationship. A knife as a gift from a lover means that the love will soon end. If a friend gives you a knife, you should give him… more »

Wedding Fashion Trend

Red white wedding dress So how about considering a red wedding dress for that special day? Most brides find they love the outcome this color of love can bring from any angle you look at it! There are styles that enhance the figure as well as perso… more »

July 4th Independence Woman Wedding Day

Every bride wants her special day to be one breathtaking moment after another. Of course the most important moment is the one when she steps into the view of her groom and presents herself for his adoration and excitement. What a wonderful way to ease a… more »

Romance in the Air

Sally & Raymond - 2010 Wedding Every bride wants her special day to be one breathtaking moment after another. Of course the most important moment is the one when she steps into the view of her groom and presents herself for his adoration and exci… more »

Man Is a Creature Stimulated by Visual Intrigue

by Karen Vander Times change, traditions change. This can be a blessing for the anxious bride and groom! Some traditions were quite restricting and most likely took away from a day that should have been special, but was minimized by rules that none dar… more »


Victorian Era Wedding Dresses A Victorian wedding is about class and grace. Since the Victoria era, the traditional white wedding dress has evolved. Before that, white was indeed a rare color. Though I believe everyone should wear the color that loo… more »

Red Hot Wedding Dresses: Feel the Difference

Beautiful red wedding dresses by real brides If you are willing to try something different, then try on red wedding dresses. Be a trend setter. The dress calls for a lot of confidence as you will be wearing something that is much different the curren… more »

The Amazing Peach Bride

Alyce Designs - Peach Wedding Dress A peach wedding dress is just pure sweetness. What color theme would go with this dress? I hear mint green and peach makes a really beautiful combination. A few believes red and peach mixes really well. I woul… more »

Subtle White Or Modern Color

Mia Solano Wedding Dress Style M2740L - See more Designers everywhere are bidding farewell to the traditional white wedding dress and showcasing gorgeous colored dresses. Make a statement by wearing a traditional wedding gown but in a bold scarlet co… more »

Malaysian Brides

Beautiful wedding dress from a different culture Contrast to most western wedding dresses, the dresses worn in Malay weddings are very colorful. The groom’s outfit usually match the colors and style of the bride’s costume. Some of the most beautiful… more »

Wedding Fashion Jewelry

Oscar de la Renta Bib Necklace ($790) Oscar de la Renta take on the season’s biggest accessory trend. Oscar de la Renta understands the needs of the modern bride. It shows how the right fashion jewelry accessory can turn a boring look into… more »

Red Brides Are Brave

Minneapolis Bride Minneapolis Bride This was taken in Minneapolis on a cold winter day! This is one strong bride. Maybe it is the hot red color keeping her warm. more »

Married in Red - A Beautiful Couple

Something that has been taking a lot of attention now days are the red hot wedding dresses. They have gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time. The reasons are many, however, the most preferred reason why people have been going for them is tha… more »

Magnificant original dress

by Jessica Lang It is good to know that you have options. There have been a lot of women around who think that they will look out of this world on their wedding day but get disappointed just because they had to choose from the same white wedding gowns… more »

Decisions Decisions

by Jessica Lang The type of color that you choose to wear will reflect what you are feeling and at the same time can rule your day as well. If you wear a color that you think does not suit you, then you will remain upset for the whole day even if it… more »

A Wedding Dress That Will Make A Lot of Difference

by Jessica Lang If you are one of those who prefer to go with the latest trends and styles, then it will be important for you to bring the same on your wedding day. You can make it special with the help of the red hot wedding dresses. The bridal gown h… more »

A Red Wedding Gown Will Say It All

by Karen Vander If you have already looked around to get a perfect wedding gown for your self but have not been able to find one then it is important that you should start to incorporate more options. Something that has been able to catch a lot off att… more »

Utmost Wedding Decision - Choosing a Red Wedding Gown

Photos by Pixie Vision Productions (See more photos of this bride at Do you like and prefer to be different? If yes then you will be able to do the same for your wedding as well. The day… more »

A red wedding gown will make you feel good

Do you like and prefer to be different? If yes then you will be able to do the same for your wedding as well. The days have passé when you did not have the options but now you do. You are not required to wear what everyone else has been wearing form a l… more »

Quick Tip

by Jessica Lang We get a lot of questions on how to complement a redding wedding dress with flowers. Here’s a quick tip: There are a few things you might like to consider is that with a red wedding gown you might not prefer to carry a bunch of… more »

Try Something Different On Your Wedding Day

by Jessica Lang Rainbow wedding dress - Courtesy of Australia’s Wildberry Design & Studio Have you always worn what everyone else has got for you or what you know will be appreciated just because you are scared of trying something new, somet… more »

Your red wedding dresses

by Jessica Lang The gold embroidery is great for a bride looking for a lot of sparkle. Italian-designed gown by Lady K The latest fashion that has been able to capture the heart of many is the red wedding gowns. They will not only make you look good… more »

A Red Wedding Dress Will Do Wonders

by Karen Vander Do you wish to be a trend maker? Or have you ever done something that your friends still refer to as your act even when it is someone else doing it? It feels to be good and help you take a stand for ever. Now imagine what you wear on yo… more »

Be Different As You Have Always Been

by Karen Vander Are you termed as a trend setter by your friends, just because you are the first one to follow the latest fashion? You have always been so confident about the way you look and carry your self that you really don’t care of what people th… more »

Mixture of Western Yet Indian Wedding Dress

by Laura Coles A dress that was a mixture of western yet indian From this bride’s own words: I initially chose a red wedding dress as this is the traditional colour for Sikh brides (my husband is Sikh), however having always dreamt of what my… more »

Christmas brides - Are you ready? Its coming right around the corner fast

by Karen Vander Share your Christmas theme ideas. While it makes not much sense to watch this video now for many but I am sure for the brides having their wedding during Christmas would surely appreciate getting some ideas now. Christmas weddings al… more »

Maggie Real Brides Submit Their Stories

Amara Royale Nelli Virabyan, Maggie Bride Wedding Story I fell in love with this dress the day I saw it. The most beautiful gown I tried on. I wore this dress to my engagement party on 1/5/08. My wedding gown is going to be a Maggie Sottero gown for s… more »

Add Vim and Vigor to Your Wedding Trousseau Through the Vietnamese Ao Dai

by Tuan Le, CEO In case you are fancying a dream wedding in a real theme, go for this stately costume of ao dai from the charming land of Vietnam. Well known for its sensuous damsels and colorful culture, the splashy red wedding gown of ao dai has stir… more »

Wedding Dress Color & Your Skin Tone

A red dress is a perfect party look if you’re aiming to make a statement. You should approach with slight caution as it’s not quite as easy to wear as you might think. Red is such an overpowering colour that it can leave you looking washed… more »

Theme Wedding Ideas to Get You Inspired

The possibilities for a themed wedding are only limited by your imagination. Above are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. more »

A Bride In Red Discovered on the Internet

While scourging the Internet, this beautiful bride came up. “Red wedding dress is amazing“ commented by a person. “Looks strikingly beautiful in her red wedding dress. It seems that the colour goes well with your sister’s skin and I li… more »

A Beautiful Bride In Red

The couple: Richard & Alexandra Liversidge Wedding location: Guiseley, Leeds, UK Wedding date: Married on 7th March 2009 Comment from the bride: “I chose a red wedding dress because I’ve always been a bit quirky & an attention… more »

Japanese Beauty

Just an amazing dress by Culture Shock Couture. Photo courtesy of Modern Japanese Wedding Dress by Lisa Merton. Photo courtesy of Classy Japanese Wedding Dress. Photo courtesy of www.culture-shock.c… more »

Beautiful Maggie Sottero Dresses

by Karen Vander Amara Royale “When I got engaged I was so scared I wouldn’t find a perfect dress. From the very second I saw this dress I fell in love. This was the first and only dress I tried on I knew there wasn’t going to be a be… more »

The History of the White Wedding Dress

by Reno Charlton Jim Hjelm Style: JH5930 Red tissue taffeta A-line gown, square neckline, pleated empire bodice, side pockets. As a youngster – or perhaps even as an adult – have you ever sat dreamily imagining yourself in a fairytale wed… more »

A photo shoot of a classy bride

A real cool bride relaxing in a photo shoot. There are a few places online to check for a beautiful red wedding dress. This bride has found her dream wedding dress. more »

Do I choose a red or a white wedding dress?

="" alt="" title="" width="525" height="379" />Maggie Sottero wedding dresses - What kind of bride are you? Which dress will make you a blissful bride? Try a di… more »

A Turkish Wedding

A Wedding In Istanbul, Turkey Turkey is a 99% Muslim country. It is also a secular one. Red is the color of good luck and fortune. The color red is among the dominating elements of a Turkish wedding ceremony. Wedding location: At Camlica Hill where… more »

Easter Sunday Wedding

Easter Sunday a wedding, check with your Church and priest first. Many churches will be busy with services most of the day. There are so many different types of services and celebrations the week prior that the church is exhausted by the time the Eas… more »

Religion and Wedding Colors

by Karen Vander Galliano’s collection for Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2009 gives you just that – the reason to dream and the perfect wardrobe for that dream! For Christians, red, white and black are the colors of the Virgin Mary&#8… more »

Symbolic value of a red wedding dress

Chinese culture adores the color red. In China, the entire ceremony is outfitted in full red. That color, so goes the tradition, brings properity and luck to the new couple. In India it is not the only color for brides. Indian brides wear a myriad of d… more »

House of Brides - A Modern Bridal Shop

by Karen Vander Have you ever heard of a bride “all dressed in red"? Many people haven’t never seen nor heard it. However, brides are indeed choosing red for their dresses and gowns. House of Brides presents Red Hot Brides, a collection of wedding… more »

Beautiful Jim Hjelm dresses

Try these colors for your wedding from designer Jim Hjelm: more »

Should You Wear a Red Wedding Gowns?

by Karen Vander Red wedding gowns and red wedding dresses as well don’t have a long tradition in Western societies. However, since the beginning of the XXI century many brides are turning to some other color than white for their dresses. First it… more »

So hot it will take an iceberg to cool you down

by Karen Vander Provocative and seductive Sexy wedding dress. Available at Angel Q Bridal. “Strapless sheath is accentuated with netted lace in a floral motif with Japanese baby beading and Swarovski crystals. Detachable organza skirt has si… more »

Advice regarding red wedding dresses

by Karen Vander Red is somehow not that common for wedding dresses, at least in the Western world. Although it is also not so uncommon than you can’t find one. Indeed many boutiques already have some models of red wedding dresses to choose from.… more »

The 2009 Valentine Bride

Robyn and Joseph Scotland married on the Eve of Valentine’s Day, 2009. The bride wore a red Maggie Sottero wedding dress. Their wedding took place at a historic mansion in upstate New York Robyn and Joseph Scotland. Bride wearing a Maggie Sott… more »

Coloful wedding dresses - Add some colors to your wedding

by Karen Vander White wedding dress with a colorful theme works wonder - go bold with your color choices. Mix and match colors on your wedding day. Conformity to one color theme is not as exciting. 2009 is the year to be colorful. Red, white, and… more »

Do your friends a favor CONTEST like to present to our readers a very fantastic and fun contest sponsored by fashion designer Amsale Campaign Title: Do Your Friends a Favor Duration: March 2, 2009 12:00 AM (PT) - April 13, 2009 11:30 PM (PT) Description:… more »

Red is the color of choice for modern brides

by Karen Vander Red is the color of choice for daring, modern brides. It implies a sense of innovation regarding fashion. However, even if it is rather uncommon, be sure that many, many boutiques have red wedding dresses in stock. People buy red wedd… more »

Married on the most romantic day of the year

by Karen Vander Wedding of Lorraine and Chance Hightower, Feb 14th, 2009. Married on Valentines Day in a beautiful red Bonny bridal dress. Lorraine originally had a white wedding dress picked out. Something about the dresses she saw on redhotbri… more »

Why do some brides go for a red wedding dress?

David’s Bridal White/Red Wedding Dress Most people associate wedding dresses with white. However, other color are fully acceptable and, although not so common, coming into fashion. Of course, red wedding dresses are rather uncommon only in the We… more »

A bride by the name of Miss Coca Cola

Miss. Coca Cola ’s wedding dress from Davids Bridal “It was love at first sight” says the bride when she saw this wedding dress at Davids Bridal. She plans to have a coca cola themed wedding using the color red and white. She was re… more »

Why are most wedding dresses white?

Almost all brides choose white for their wedding dress. This is the traditional choice since 150 year in the whole Western world. However, wedding dresses hasn’t to be white. Pastel tones are also quite common. Blue and red wedding dresses are als… more »

Why non-conventional brides should wear a red wedding dress

by Karen Vander Western brides have traditionally choose a white wedding dress as a symbol of their purity, virginity and innocence. This tradition is so wide spread in the whole Western world, that other colors were considered simply taboo. However,… more »

Of All the Colors - Why a Red Wedding Dress

by Karen Vander Tomy Mariage - Red, White, or Gold Wedding Dress Color Red is definitely a hot color. For weddings it is relatively unusual but not so much that no bride wears red in her wedding. Red roses are associated with passion, love and inten… more »

Bridal War - White Dress Vs Red Dress

by Karen Vander Do wedding dresses have to be white? Tomy Mariage Paris does not think so. Tomy Mariage Paris Collection 2009 For many brides-to-be, choosing a wedding dress is an easy choice. They go for the traditional white wedding dress. Howev… more »

Wedding In a Cave

by Jessica Lang Married in a cave. Weddings are full of symbolisms. When people talk about wedding dresses, they probably don’t think about red wedding dresses. At least not in the Western world. However, red wedding dresses are much more com… more »

Who says a wedding dress has to be white?

by Karen Vander Fairy tale princess red wedding dress Red wedding dresses are also an option. Many other colors make a great option as well. Obviously, most woman choose a white wedding dress. However, wedding dresses in a different color are not… more »

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Wedding Day

by Karen Vander Ladies! There is a guarantee method of receiving a large quantity of flowers on Valentine’s Day it is this – get married! It would also be very romantic to get marry on this day. A marriage with the person you love, on a day that… more »

A Beautiful Purple Wedding Dress

by Karen Vander Designed by costume designer Jenny Miles Crafted at Caleche Bridal Centre in Norwood South, Australia A stunning wedding dress. The same gown with red instead of the purple trim would look spectacular as well! The beauty of the dr… more »

Finding your wedding gowns online easily

Its difficult to shop for a wedding dress that is not white, diamond, or ivory in color. Red wedding gowns are quite popular in other part of the world. Take example Japan or in most part of Europe, a colored wedding dress is common. Finding one in r… more »

Who says a wedding dress has to be white?

by Karen Vander Other color wedding dresses are also an option. White is no longer the only possible color for the wedding dress. Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa wedding dress Obviously, most woman choose a white wedding dress. However, wedding dre… more »

2009 Wedding Trends

Classic stlying in dress and makeup 2009 wedding trends will be heavily influenced by economy. Everyone but the youngest couple starting their lives have had their financial portfolio reduced by 50%. Many young couples depend on families being genero… more »

Red bridesmaid dresses are very popular

Breaking from Tradition Many couples have broken away from the usual wedding traditions of wearing white wedding gowns and black tuxedos. Many are doing their own invitations, selecting less formal venues, selecting their music, and coming up with new… more »

Perfect Wedding Gown - Cinderella Will Go To The Ball

by Daisy May Eat your heart out Cinderella because the true belle of the ball is about to make her presence known to all who gathered here today. No midnight strike to say that her choice of wedding gown was to give her the fairytale wedding she had… more »

Buying A Wedding Dress

by David Beart What’s your wedding theme/motif? For every season, for every motif, for every person and for every color symbolism, there will always be the right wedding dress. Choosing what to wear in your wedding is as critical as choosing… more »

Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

Save Money On Your Wedding Dress in 2009By Samantha Taylor Your wedding is quite possibly the most important day of your life and you’ve probably been dreaming about it since you were about 12 years old. The dress you choose is ultimately going t… more »

What Is A Destination Wedding Dress?

by Cindy English Just as destination weddings are fast growing in popularity, so are destination wedding dresses. What exactly is a destination wedding dress? It is a trendy, sensible, cost effective alternative to the traditional wedding gown. Whe… more »

The Details When Finding Perfect Wedding Dress

by Jessica Lang It’s finally time to choose your wedding dress, for most of us this is something we have been dreaming of and planning out throughout our whole lives. What the overall end product is going to look like and the way it will make us feel… more »

Going Bold on Your Big Day

by Karen Vander The traditional wedding is most often seen as a man in a black and white tuxedo and the woman in an all white or off-white dress. However times are changing, and the days when a bride was condemned to wear only white to her wedding are… more »

A Wedding In Red

by Karen Vander Newlywed Laryn Sandahl and her husband Andrew Sandahl - Photo courtesy of Joshua Rainey Photography & Design ( This year, there has been a stunning buzz surrounding fabulous red wedding dresses, these dresses… more »

A Wedding To Remember

by Karen Vander Sexy red makes everyone at your wedding pounding their heart faster. Red dresses can be classic way to get attention and show off your eye catching fashion sense at parties, weddings and formal occasions. Red dresses are always o… more »

Queen of pop - Madonna in a red wedding dress

by Karen Vander Madonna in an Asian inspired ornately bejeweled red wedding dress “Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy.” -Madonna This is just a costume in one of Madonna’s spectacular concerts. The details about her real… more »

Classy looking dress for the holiday

by Karen Vander A beautiful Italian bride New emerging wedding trend A wedding dress trend from a fashion leading country Italy. Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to throw a wedding party. Your family will be in town. Your friends will like… more »

Coloful wedding dresses: Destination wedding dresses

by Jessica Lang Photo source: Angel’s Closet Occassions Here are some gorgeous wedding dresses that you can pack up and take it anywhere around the world. Finding that perfect wedding dress is not an easy task. Destination wedding dresses are mo… more »

Dress Up Your Pooch

by Karen Vander Match your dog with your dress Male dog in a matching tux Who’s missing from your wedding party? Your adorable pets. Have pets at your wedding. Keep your Pooch looking fashionable with you on your wedding day. Make sure your… more »

Getting married in your Sunday's best dress

by Jessica Lang Be a queen at your own wedding You would rarely see a woman in a white dress in the 1800s period. This includes wedding and many occasions. Women have not always been marrying in white. In fact relatively, this tradition is not that… more »

A Memorable Cantonese Chinese wedding

by Karen Vander I had another opportunity to attend a Chinese wedding this weekend in Manhattan. I was told this was a Cantonese style wedding. Last weekend I attended a Fujianese wedding. To an outsider, which I am probably classified as, both weddi… more »

Red vs Blue wedding dress

by Jessica Lang While scouring the Internet in my boredom on a Sunday afternoon, I came upon a bride that was torn between a blue and a red dress. Both was a Forever Yours designer dress. Here they are: ="… more »

The ultimate chocolate Lindor dress

by Karen Vander The famous Lindor Dress from last year What’s that on the above picture? Is it ruffles in her dress? Take a look closer and see if you can find what makes this dress deliciously sweet and charming (might want to add sexy too!).… more »

Be friend a Chinese to attend their wedding

by Karen Vander I attended a Fujianese wedding last night and I must say it never stops to amaze me to see a Chinese bride adorn at least four different outfits before I lost count at their wedding party. Each one of these outfit a Chinese bride wears… more »

Modern wedding themes for the adventurous bride

Ideas for your wedding theme A Red Wedding Theme for the Adventurous Bride Whether you choose to wear a red wedding gown or not, a red theme for your wedding is a stylish choice. Why limit yourself to white or other pastel hues when you can use bold,… more »

Yummy delicous wedding cakes

The finishing touch to your picture-perfect cake: The Knot Wedding Shop’s cake toppers offer stylish elegance or even a bit of humor. Match the cake with your bridal theme Design or picking a wedding cake for your wedding is no easy task but also… more »

Dress in red to make your man rise to the occassion

“Psychological Study Reveals That Red Enhances Men’s Attraction to Women” was a press release issued on October 28th by the University of Rochester. Psychology of red to attract A groundbreaking study by two University of Rochester p… more »

Shoes every women would love

by Karen Vander Wedding shoes take a vital role in a woman’s preparation for her wedding day and knowing what pair would go perfectly with your chosen wedding gown requires a lot of browsing around online wedding shoe stores. Look at all the wonderful… more »

Vivienne Westwood’s Bridal Couture for Sex and The City

by Karen Vander Vivienne Westwood’s dress When one thinks of couture, your mind doesn’t really go to wedding gowns. In fact, I’m quite sure it doesn’t even go the bridal direction. Haute Couture as many would think would be referring to extrem… more »

Wonderful colors in destination wedding dresses

Raylia Wedding Dress “Narlena” W7406HC Raylia Designs Bridal and Wedding Dresses and Gowns, offer a very rich set of features, including eye-catching designs that will be sure to please on the wedding day. Jovani Evening Dress… more »

Finding joy and love in a wedding dress

by Karen Vander Beautiful Melinda All brides chose their own wedding gowns prior to their grand day but how many brides actually get to wear something that they honestly want to wear? The process of selecting a wedding dress can be pretty harrowing… more »

Symbolism of the color red in antiquity

White Rose Bridal is a leading bridal retailer in the UK and Ireland. Photo source: “Red garlands and red scarfs were part of wedding customs in many cultures. Red wedding gown was en vogue in Nurnberg of the 18th ce… more »

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