Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Bridal ceremonies are one of the ubiquitous events found in most cultures in the world, with the Western traditions being some of the most visible to modern society. Throughout history, wedding dresses have been used, not only as a status symbol of the bride to be, but as a blank canvas onto which the bride can project her own personal style as it relates to the fashions of the day. With the vast amount of choices of wedding dresses that a bride-to-be faces, there are a few elements that allow ‘traditionally designed’ dresses to stand out from the rest - such as added glitz, use of lace, and use of textures and shapes.

Putting on the glitz - When it comes to adding glitz and glamour to red wedding dresses, there are a few ways to go about it. Depending on the bride’s individual style, she may want to opt for a dress with crystals sewn into the body or train, which can form a pattern that can be used to create the optical illusion of a bodice or corset. Or, if she wants something a bit more traditional, she can go with a simple, top-fitted dress with a few perfectly placed pearls to catch the light and add just a touch of shimmer and elegance to her overall look.

The modern wedding dress

Lacy - Though it was once considered the look of our grandmothers, lace is now making a comeback - not only in mainstream fashion, but in the red wedding dresses that have been hitting the catwalks. No longer limited to the veils and trims, intricately designed lace can be the standout feature of the bride’s dress or simply a romantic highlight. Lace can add a bit of elegance and class, but the amount and placement of it can help determine the theme by lending itself gracefully to a variety of themes - from ‘old-fashioned’ to ultra fashion forwards. It even works quite nicely with quirky themes such as the gothic and Victorian.

Textures and shapes - If you thought that textures and shapes were two words that didn’t particularly go with red wedding dresses - think again. Current trends in designs are opening up the dress itself to becoming a work of art, with patterns and designs made both within and with the fabrics. From ornate, concentric loops on the front of the dress to elegant pleats on the body that, at the same time, conjure elements of corsets and the ideals of innocence, the newest fashion is all about playing with vision and outline. One of the most interesting facets of the use of textures and shapes in designing couture wedding dresses is the way that it can involve the use of both glitz and lace as contributing factors. With such an array of options, there is sure to be a way for the modern bride to incorporate it into her perfect look.

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