Black or red wedding dress -- which one?

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White is out!
A black-as-night wedding dress is drop dead sexy for many occassions. Is it right for a wedding as the main wedding dress? In fact, with the independent spirit of contemporary women in mind, black may very well be a more suitable hue than any other of the color spectrum. Take a look here at Parisian Party and see that the Parisans are calling black wedding dress the trend for 2008.

I still find red to be the color of choice but having the choices and varieties is what is really wonderful in this world. This is your wedding. What will you choose? A red hot wedding dress or a dead sexy black wedding dress?

There are sure to be those friends and families at your wedding which are going to condemn of your not-so-traditional black dress or red hot wedding dress, but remember it is your wedding, and so whatever makes you happy is what matters, regardless of what anyone else says.

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Where to find the stunning black wedding dress of your dream? Where to find that burning red hot wedding gown?

“I am getting married in October and decided I wanted to wear a red dress. I might as well have said I wanted to fly to the moon on a rocket when I mentioned it to a few friends. It’s hard to find the styles online. My fiance is thrilled that I want to wear red; now, if I can just find the styles I like to try on!” says Melinda, an avid reader of

Its not easy to find colored wedding dresses on at your local wedding boutiques. That is what is going to make you even stand out so much more. Once you find that beautiful and hard to find colored dress of your dream, your guests will be awed and inspired not just by the air of love but your styling fashion statement. Whether you choose red or black wedding dress, you will be different from the millions of brides wearing a white or off-white wedding gown!

-Karen Vander, Copyrighted
Married in red, set yourself apart
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Comment from: carla thompson  
carla thompson

those are not my style

05/06/08 @ 21:38
Comment from: Victoria

I bought the Cymbeline Black Wedding dress above. I love it. Only 1 ever bought in the USA.

12/04/09 @ 15:46