Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead.

There’s an old poem that goes as follow

“Married in white, you will have chosen all right. Married in grey, you will go far away. Married in black, you will wish yourself back. Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead. Married in blue, you will always be true. Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl. Married in green, ashamed to be seen, Married in yellow, ashamed of the fellow. Married in brown, you’ll live out of town. Married in pink, your spirits will sink.”

I of course find that poem to be ludicrous and outdated completely! I searched long and hard and could not find the author of that poem and when it was written. It must have been written by an old bitter person. I found the following quotes from Red Umbrella’s website that much better describe a bride choosing red:

Red, however, is the most emotionally intense color.
Red stimulates a faster heartbeat.
Red triggers deeper breathing,
and, quite often, red reveals a shy blush.
Red is also the color of love!
Red is the color of passion, of commitment, and of true friendship.

These quotes better describe a bride choosing red on their special day. No one in their right mind would wish another person dead or to even consider wish yourself dead on such a happy and joyous occasion as a wedding.

Penaran's Wedding Dress
Penaran’s wedding dress

White wedding history goes back to 1499 when the Duchess of Brittany Anne married Louis XII of France in a white dress. Queen Victoria and the fashion era of 1837-1901 were given the credit of making the white dress the trend. During this period, brides continued to wed in gowns of different colors, white was set going forward as the color of choice for weddings and continued ever since. The color red was made taboo by Victorian times, with its reference to scarlet women and hussies. Before Queen Victory in her all-white bridal ensemble: her rich white satin gown was adorned with orange blossoms and had an eighteen foot train, which she carried over her arm, royal brides (for the most part) remained true to luxurious fabrics in tones of silver and red.

Red is making a comeback. European brides in the last 2 decades having been fashioning red on their special day. It has not caught on in the United States, but it is slowly making its way here. By wearing a red wedding dress instead of a white dress, brides are setting themselves apart and adding a little extra flair to their wedding. Married in red, you set yourself apart from the rest!

Article by Tommy Glauning, (Copyright 2007

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