2014 Red Wedding Theme

In the need for you to choose the color red for your wedding, you need to actually create a theme around the corner. After all, the weddings are all about love, passion, and the warmth that you could put forward to your respective partner. At such kind of times, you need to inculcate designs that are not only extremely good to look at, but you will definitely be able to get the best possible accessories that can go extremely well with the wedding dress. Also, if you are actually considering inculcating the local culture and the families involved in the wedding, or if you are willing to travel to an exotic location to have your wedding, then it is important for you to check out if the color red will go with the location.

Irina Shayk Shows Off Red Wedding Dress

Irina Shayk, aka Irina Sheik, born Irina Shaykhlislamova (Russian: Èðèíà Øàéõëèñëàìîâà) on January 6, 1986 in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia, USSR, is a Russian model known for her 2007 through 2011 appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was the cover model for the 2011 issue.

If you look at the different wedding ideas, you find that in the modern world of today, they have been able to evolve from the classical nature to something that is extremely modern. As the years move on, wedding dress ideas have not only been able to bring into a unique taste, but they have also become more eclectic. From the bride's going for extremely good designer dresses to the traditional ones, each and everything can actually be extremely feasible for the bride, as she is the centre point of that particular occasion.

Red Hot Rachel McAdams's In Red Wedding Dress

A new romantic comedy, About Time, starring Rachel McAdams with a red wedding dress from the people who made Love Actually, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, etc. The premise is the main character can travel back in time to relive parts of his own life and change his experiences. He uses this power to pursue love. Rachel's character, Mary, is expecting in the movie, so she needed the Empire waist and flowy skirt. We love that the designers let the character follow other non-traditional brides (Example Sex and the City's Miranda Hobbes and Grey's Anatomy's Cristina Yang). The costume crew was inspired by the red carpet and Vera Wang, who sent show-stopping red wedding dresses down her Spring 2013 runway.

The symbolic aspect about going for red wedding dresses

Due to a recent combination culture design for most of the Chinese in the Western women, the red wedding dresses have been able to gain a noticeable amount of popularity. The world has been able to take notice to this rising trend, and they have been able to become increasingly popular in most of Europe in the last decade. The red wedding dresses have actually begun to turn heads in many parts of the world, and which is the main reason as to why most of the people tend to think about this particular trend is the upcoming fashion during the wedding. Red is fast becoming the color that is not only a very popular alternative to white wedding gowns, but it also happens to be the predominant color in most of the other cultures as well.

30 December 2013 - Couples marry in fairy tale ceremony in the snow

When you look into the Chinese culture, you find that read not only brings the color to light, but it also is the symbolism of happiness to the Chinese people. It is the main reason most of the people tend to wear red dresses during ceremonies.

The Amazing Red

A bridal gown should reflect your personality and preference. Wear whatever color gown makes you happy as long as it reflects you….the bride!

I know what you're thinking, "Are you serious, red wedding gowns?!" But wait until you see the real brides in red, they are gorgeous.

Here's a red cake to go with it!

Chrissy Teigen In Vera Wang Gown

Red is an elaborate, regal color.

When one of the best-dressed model in the world, we would be foolish to assume she'd opt for a classic white dress.

Teigen appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2010, and was named "Rookie of the Year". She was also a part of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. Teigen has appeared on the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine and in editorials for Italian Vogue, Esquire, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan.

Finding the perfect red wedding dress?

Is it a necessity that you need to find a perfect red wedding dress? Absolutely yes! If so, then how do you go about finding the best wedding dresses for this particular occasion? Here are some tips that you need to go through before you can actually find out the best red wedding dress for your wonderful occasion.

1. The very first thing that comes into consideration whenever you are choosing a wedding dress is the budget allocated for it. Most of the time, looking at a gorgeous dress, one will definitely been enamored to purchase this particular dress. But if the budget does not permit for the purchase, then it is a futile attempt for you to do so. This is perhaps the first consideration that you need to make for a wedding, and always has a lasting impression on the overall occasion. If you visit a particular shop, a sentence regarding the budget is definitely going to help you to cut to the chase, and help you to purchase the best red wedding dress that you could consider for that budget.

2. Do you have a theme that is underlying on the red color? If it is so, then a red wedding dress can actually make good sense. Before you plan to buy a red wedding dress, get in consultation with the bridegroom, understand about the theme, and only then plan for a particular wedding dress that can be compatible with that particular occasion. This way, you will definitely be able to discover a lot more good red colored dresses, which can actually be suitable for that particular occasion.

3. Is the dress going to be customized? If it is, then you need to visit the best tailor, and get the customization done. This way, you can actually go for a lot of quality within that particular dress while taking into account the overall theme of that particular occasion. You can actually get a lot more designs put forward, and each and everything will be measured in your body to make the dress fit your body.

4. Buy online but always make sure that you have an idea on the quality of the cloth to be used, and the reputation of the online vendor. It can be a lot of hassle for you to run back and forth in order to find a good wedding dress, so the online mode can actually prove to be extremely convenient The dress will be tailored to fit you anyway.

Go All Out In Red

Red Theme Wedding - Bridesmaid in Red and Bride With Dash of Red

Using the color red as a theme for your wedding and your wedding dress
Have you once given the thought about giving the color red a chance in your wedding? Chances are that once you get to know about the amount of things that you could do with this particular color, the entire occasion will be decked out in this red color. Having a red wedding theme is not only very modern and exciting, but also shows the personalities of the would be brides and grooms. This way, you can actually show that the bride will be able to break the rules and is not afraid to go away from the mainstream. Red can actually evoke a certain sense of love and passion, which is quite appropriate for a wedding. In fact, most of the weddings that take place in the Eastern cultures revolved around the color red. This is a very auspicious color and has enormous impact on enhancing the beauty of the entire occasion. That actually looks extremely great for many photographs as well. Red goes very well with many other combination of colors.

A red wedding dress is not something that is unheard of. You can take your white wedding gown, and instead prefer to go for a bright red one. You will be able to witness the stunning locks on the people that happen to be viewing your dress. Do not forget to go for accessorizing yourself, always try and get the best possible red lipstick so that you can top it off.

Go all out in a red wedding theme!

If, you want to go for an all-out red wedding theme, then get the bridesmaids and the groomsmen on the action also. You will be able to witness the entire venue decked in red, starting from the decorations to the red wedding dress to be worn in that occasion. There are red flowers that can help you decorate the venue and enhance the overall look of that place. A red wedding theme is not complete without you having to serve a velvet cake of the red coloration. The wedding cake will be designed with impeccable red frosting, so you will not have to worry about anything else. The red wedding dress will go extremely well with the entire aesthetic design that you may have conceptualized. This can be the best bit of romance that you could possibly think of. There are also a large number of red candles that you could possibly put up in that decoration, and it will get very well. All said and done, the use of the red color in your wedding; starting from the red wedding dress to the decoration is going to be the best decision that you could have taken.

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